The Power of Words

Words are much more than a way to communicate a point of view. The way you craft your words, the diction you choose, and how you piece it all together change the reader’s perception of the meaning as well as influence their opinion of the writer.

An Expression of Professionalism & Intelligence: Let’s face it, not all of us are born with the gift of writing. For some, producing content for a website or marketing materials that effectively communicate the organization’s vision can be a monumental task. Poorly written content can inspire distrust by website users and the impulse to search elsewhere. One typo can result in a lost customer. In reality, a typo or poorly written website does not mean that you aren’t a great doctor, accountant, life coach, etc., but it does mean that your credibility is decreased in the eyes of customers.

Connection with Potential and Current Customers: Visitors to your website want to feel welcome into the experience. It needs to be user-friendly and easy to navigate. A user should understand what your small business has to offer in their first few seconds on the site. A clear name of the business, a catchy tagline, and amazing graphics are helpful in this goal. The words you use are also critical in holding the reader’s attention and fully explaining the purpose of your business. Clear, concise, and interesting- your words can make or break whether a window shopper becomes a lead and ultimately a customer.

An Invitation to Engage: By communicating your personality through your words, customers experience a level of comfort and are drawn in. Words can encourage trust or they can give a feeling of uneasiness. It’s a fine line between expressing warmth and maintaining the appropriate level of professionalism required to seal the deal on a new account.