First impressions are important. Long before any potential customers speak to you, they read your content. One errant typo can destroy credibility and erode the trust you have worked so hard to establish. You don’t leave your taxes or legal needs to chance. Investment in a professional writer is equally important. Small business owners often feel that their unique voice will never be heard above the noise, but with the right content and messaging, small businesses can rise above the fray, and outshine the competition.  

  1. Customers pay attention to your written communications.

Communication is at the center of any relationship, but in business it is critical to maintaining and growing client connection. Failure to effectively communicate your vision and services is a non-starter. Proper voice and wording for websites, newsletters, blogs, and promotional materials is vital to maintaining regular touch points with customers. Knowing what you do and what separates your business from the competition is the first step in winning over a new client.

  • Clear and concise communication= conversion of new customers

Consumers are busy. They want to understand and assess what service your business provides quickly. How do you stop the scroll? With catchy headlines, hook sentences and concise, clear sentences. Make it as easy as possible for others to understand what you do. Less is more in a world inundated with information. 

  • Keywords are key.

Professional writers should be well- versed in SEO strategy. Using the proper key words and phrases can make all the difference in successfully attracting more traffic to your website. Ensuring that customers can find you in a Google search is an art that requires some degree of research and practice. Ask the writing service if they have experience and training in SEO strategy. Without the proper keywords, it will virtually be impossible to find your business on Google.

  • Consistent content is crucial to success.

As you know from social media, creating content can be a full-time job. Captions for social media, writing blogs, updating website content, creating newsletters… the list of potential content needs never ends. Most small business owners do not have time to create compelling content- they have work to do! Hiring a professional writer can save you time, reduce stress, and free up your schedule so you can get back to business!

Whether you are looking for creative content to make your social media pop, or descriptive language to concisely describe your products and services, a professional writer can be the difference between a sale and a scroll. Catch your audience’s eye by investing in quality writing for your business.